Friday, March 14, 2008

Phasing Out of the Master Cleanse

I'm phasing out of the Master Cleanse today. I felt so hungry all morning. All I could think about was food. In my opinion, I think it was because I knew I was going to be eating tonight so the thought of a full meal was very appealing. Haven't had one all week. I decided to break the cleanse earlier than tonight and ate at lunch. I was craving basically anything and settled for eggs. My coworker and I went to a breakfast place, I ordered some egg whites with vegetables. But the urge to get some hashbrowns kicked in... and now I feel sick. I should have known that something so greasy and bad for you wouldn't settle well with me. From this cleanse I've lost seven pounds. But I'm sure it'll be back after I start eating normally again.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update on the Master Cleanse

Over the weekend I took a break from the Master Cleanse. I know, doesn't make sense to take a break from a cleanse but don't worry, I had my justifications. I resumed the cleanse on Monday. I really don't mind doing the cleanse; however, lunch time at work is very difficult. Sometimes I just sit and watch my coworkers eat while I sip my green tea. If I couldn't smell the food it'd make it a lot easier. Like I said before, I'm not following the cleanse 100%. However, I can still feel the difference in my body. I think next Fall/Winter I will try the cleanse again and do it 100% for the full 10 days. We'll see. It is difficult and can definitely make you anti-social. No group dinners, no going out at night, and basically avoiding any social setting where you might be tempted.

Last night I was reminded how different I am today from what I was about a year and a half ago. A very good different in my eyes. I'm very happy with my life right now.

Eight more days until Hawaii! I can't wait!

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Master Cleanse

Back in September, I decided I wanted to do the Master Cleanse. I bought all the products for The Lemonade Diet. I opted for the Master Cleanse Kit-3 with Cayenne Capsules for about $75. All I had to do was buy the lemons (or limes). The kit came.... and sat in my room for months. Every time I wanted to start the cleanse something came up (such as dinner parties, client luncheons, etc.) Because I had postponed the start date for so long, I actually forgot about it until my friend Ashley mentioned her friend had just gotten off it. I went that evening to purchase a citrus juicer. Yesterday was my first day. It really wasn't hard. The only difficult part was during lunch. Every lunch I go with coworkers. I still went, but just sat and watched them eat. I'm still easing into the cleanse. I have yet to do the laxative tea at bedtime. The first night I was scared because I had eaten so unhealthy that day... then last night, I simply forgot.

Right now, as long as I'm busy, I forget about food because my appetite has actually been suppressed. I take that back... that is a complete lie, lol. In reality, I never forget about food because I love to eat so much, I just haven't been as focused on it.

Why am I doing this cleanse? I'll be honest, I'm really not doing this to lose weight. Of course, it'd be a nice side effect but I'm more concerned about cleaning my body inside out and starting fresh. I started exercising and eating healthier these past couple of weeks. In the past, when I've cracked down on my health, I've reaped the reward of feeling more energetic. This time around, I have yet to feel that extra energy from living a healthy lifestyle. I'm hoping that after I complete this cleanse, things will change.

The Master Cleanse is set out to be a 10 day cleanse. If I really put my mind to it, I think I could actually stick to the full 10 days. However, going on a cleanse is not normal for your body, thus going off the cleanse works the same way. You have to be very careful when going back to a normal diet. Because I am going to Hawaii in less than 2 weeks, I am unsure if doing the full 10 days is for me. I want to enjoy Hawaii and eat normally while I'm there. However, If I enjoy the short term benefits of this cleanse, I'm sure I'll do it again and follow it very strictly for the full 10 days.

I must say, I love the cayenne pills. I wouldn't enjoy the taste of the lemonade if I had to put cayenne directly into the lemonade. When I take the pills, maybe 10 minutes later, I literally feel "all warm and fuzzy inside." But today I made the mistake of taking one, getting distracted and not drinking enough lemonade... my stomache ached and burned for about 10-15 mins. I quickly drank more lemonade and was shortly back to feeling myself.

One of the most difficult tasks of this cleanse is the morning "internal bathing." First thing in the morning you are supposed to drink a quart of luke warm water with 2 teaspoons of special salt. Not only do you feel water logged but the taste is awful. This can be related to when you're swimming in the ocean or lake and you accidentally swallow a mouth full of salty water... The internal bathing water really isn't as salty but the concept remains the same.

I'll keep updating as the days go by.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Beginning to Blog Again, Moving to Los Angeles

When I first opened up an account on, I had all intention of diarying my life on a regular basis. Then I got busy, forgot, and now it seems that so many people blog that I feel I better jump back on the bandwagon.

I moved to Los Angeles on July 30, 2007. My dad, what a sweetheart, drove me down and helped me get settled. I first lived in West LA, with Nicole, in a cute house with a nice backyard. We both moved out November 10, 2007 as the landlord decided to occupy the house with new tenants. I decided to move closer to where I hung out, Hollywood, and now live right near the Grove.

The latter part of the year, Taelor, Dallas, and Sonia, all came and visited me. I'm looking forward to another visit from both Taelor and Sonia this year as well as a visit from Amber.

Last year I made a couple trips back to Utah for holidays and a short trip to Vegas. This year, Anh's taking me to Hawaii, Coachella, and possibly a trip to Napa Valley.

I started dating Anh back in October. We dated on and off for a couple months and then we decided to make it official in February and are trying out the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. So far it's been a lot of fun.

Work is going good. I'm starting to enjoy it much more. The more I learn, the better it is.

I've got loads of pictures I need to post. I'll do that later when I have more time.